Why Kratom, Why Now?

Kratom is a natural botanical native to tropical Southeast Asia that is part of the coffee family. It’s also known by its scientific name, Mitragyna speciosa. The people of Southeast Asia have used Kratom leaves as an herbal supplement and traditional remedy for ailments and pain relief for hundreds of years. When used in appropriate amounts, it has been reported that Kratom can provide increased energy, minor pain relief and many find relief from a variety of other mental and physical ailments. Today, people in the U.S. are consuming Kratom, as they do other herbal supplements and traditional remedies.
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Why is Kratom Gaining Popularity?

Kratom is still a fairly underground plant, although it’s been getting a lot of publicity in the news this past year. Kratom is a tree that grows in south east Asia that is derived from the coffee family. Kratom has been notably used to help cure pain. Kratom has been said to offer a very pleasant euphoria or mood enhancement. The effects have been noted as being, more focused, happy, relaxed, and mellow.
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Our Kratom is sourced from the highest quality farms, run through laboratory testing, and tested by our staff prior to it being placed for sale on the website. After years of utilizing kratom, our owners went on a search of the best quality kratom found around the world. We offer a wide selection of Kratom, and will continue to research and have more options for the future. Please drop us a line in our contact us section with ideas for new products, or just something you'd like us to do to make your experience with Kratom or other botanicals better.
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